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Powered by AI, DNA is the easiest, fastest and smartest way to advertise on the top online ad networks. Launch in minutes, target/reach ideal customers and let AI monitor and improve your results.

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Launch ads on top ad networks, reaching billions of users within minutes.

Save time with automated content resizing and our preset audiences for 400 verticals - all in a single, simple interface.

Many claim to give you better ad ROI. We actually do it.

Our AI-powered solution boosts click rates up to 36 times while cuting cost per click up to 70%. Now that's return on ad spend.

Technology you can trust, built by ad professionals.

We were fed up with low-impact, low-transparency ad platforms - so we built our own to reclaim our time and budgets.


eCommerce acceleration

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Superior ad performance

100 times better in 10 days

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Resisting the COVID onslaught

Dozens of phone call orders weekly

Are you wasting your ad spend?

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

So simple to use, that 10s of actions on DNA
beats 1000s on other platforms

One-click/seamless Shopify integration

DNA easily syncs your products, drives better ad results and save you time.


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