We make it Super Easy to
Sell to Ideal Customers
across Your City

Easy online visibility and order support
for physical stores

Beam.city helps stores attract and sell to ideal local customers

Your customer is online all the time. Reach them first. Reach them fast. Reach them consistently.

Built for Physical Stores

Join a platform focused on supporting local stores. Start selling new or custom items in hours.

More than a Web-store

A.I. driven on-demand promotions, Video-based Catalog, same-day delivery & more - you're covered!

Reach Your Ideal Customers

Show products and deals to thousands of customers on thousands of sites, including yours, on-demand!


What can you sell using Beam.city?

Beam.city is a local shopping marketplace that helps stores attract ideal customers.







Dining Room

Living Rooms

Skin Care

Bath & Body



Beam.city powers stores to drive amazing outcomes

100,000s reached

every week

1,000,000 sites


30% Monthly Growth

Websites accessible

Beam.city helps you can focus on sales

Save 1,350 hours

on Cataloging, Marketing and Handling

Save 75 to 95%

on the costs of online marketing campaigns

Store Pricing

Choose a subscription to help your store succeed.


Ease into your new powers with a cinematic profile & content to make promotions on-demand.


Billed 4x a year

Cinematic store profile
Content for every season
Setup deliveries at the counter
Sell items online
Upload your product videos
1 team members
Make ads for your pages fast.


Full-store catalog and enough visibility so your AI can slowly identify ideal customers.


Billed monthly

All Starter features
Reach 10,000 customers/mo to unlock and use automatic insights.
10 team members
Embed your catalog on your shopify or magento store


Enhance your catalog with upgraded content, superior support and more.



Billed monthly

All Standard features & benefits
Cinematic catalog of all store items
Fashion and life-style models
Maintain a Catalog of up to 600 items/year


Always be seen online by customers, and tailor a package to meet your growth goals.

Set goals

Starts at $750/MO

Full store + insights features
Be constantly seen by your customers
Get the reach you need to succeed online
Concierge support available ($99/mth)

Run promotions On-demand

Make promotions in under 1 minute, and show customers what you're up to in every season.

Free onboarding to get you started

With our 3 hour intro, you get

 A web-store with a video profile
 A store video-walkthrough and enough content to start promotions
 Up to 25 products cataloged
 To create promotions on-demand

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Amazing service requires amazing tech and insight.

What fees do I get charged?

Listing your products as video on Beam.city is free. Based on product categories, we do charge a commission of 10% to 15% - on the value of orders placed on Beam.city. Also, sellers pay pick-up and delivery charges for every order. These charges are determined by our logistics partners on the basis of weight, size, and destination.

How do I start a store on Beam.city?

All you need is to create an account and add at least 20 SKUs. Once we confirm the details are in order, you can start selling! You can get a subscription that will help you build a catalog of content and products to show off what you have.

How do I stand out using Beam.city?

Its pretty simple. Follow these 7 cardinal rules:

#1 Maintain mindshare by Always-Promote-Visible
#2 Follow trends and Sell items people want
#3 Good price vs. quality beats all
#4 Amazing product videos
#5 Detailed and accurate names and descriptions
#6 Embed your Catalog on your Website
#7 Use in-store posters to advertise your abilities

How do I get Paid?

All payments are made to a bank account specified by you. Payment details are collected during the onboarding process.

Want to know how it works?

Amazing service requires amazing tech and insight.