Our Story

We believe digital advertising can be easy. That is why we built DNA - a powerful yet easy to use digital ad platform.

We're a team that unites advanced engineering principles with behavioural science to enable marketers to uncover deep insights and connect with their customers easily.

Our Founder

Zeze Peters is the founder and CEO of Beam.city. He is a Cornell-educated rocket scientist who spent the last 15 years building simple solutions for complex problems in applied AI, eCommerce, big data platforms and consumer goods for private and Fortune 1000 Companies.

Meet The Team

Midhun Palasseri

Director of Engineering
15 years software and advanced architectures.

Bojana Obradović

Marketing Manager
Oxford MBA. Executed Beautiful Strategies for top Canadian brands.

Bana Alshurafa

Sales & Success Manager
20 years + 10s of millions in sales. Led large teams.

Shinu Dharmaseelan

Creative Director
16 years of making things beautiful.

Zainab Bisiolu

Manager, Data and Ops
That thing you want done? It's Done.

Paige Campbell

Marketing Ops & Customer Success
Committed to helping you succeed.

Veena Mekkatt

Lead Software Developer
10 years of specialist software development.

Binny Samuel

Senior Software Developer
4 years implementing amazing software at Wipro

Sarita Dash

Senior Software Developer
7 years of specialist software development.