About us

Teams with genius and experience solve big problems.

We're a fast growing team in Toronto, New York and Bangalore, led by Zeze, a Cornell-educated former rocket-scientist and loving Dad of 3 who has led large teams across three continents to build million dollar eCommerce, Applied A.I. and Data mining platforms for FORTUNE 1000 companies.

We're marrying advanced engineering principles with behaviorial science and digital advertising, to enable marketers to uncover deep insights and connect faster with their customers everywhere. This will help people discover solutions to their needs at the speed of thought, and cut down $199.93 billion/year in wasted digital advertising spending.

Our advisors include industry leaders from Global Brands like Kimberley Clark, Vistaprint, Toast, Trip-Advisor, and many more.

I love discovering exactly what I need,
before searching online. No fuss. No waste.
It's the holy grail of online experiences. That's what we're building.

Zeze Peters
CEO / Founder, Beam.city
20 years of technology innovation.

Key team members

Midhun Palasseri

Director of Engineering
15 years software and advanced architectures.

Armand D'Oliveira

Director of Partnerships
30 years in sales and partnerships.

Paige Campbell

Customer Success and Ops
Committed to helping you succeed.

Shinu Dharmaseelan

Creative Director
15 years of making things beautiful.

Veena Mekkatt

Lead Software Developer
10 years of specialist software development.

Zainab Bisiolu

Manager, Data and Ops
Ops. Ops. Ops. More Ops.