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Unified advertising automation platform that helps you get superhuman performance fast, on the top ad networks, from one simple interface.

Significantly better performing ads, on millions of sites.

Plan your multi-channel ad strategy in one easy to use interface & DNA uses AI to handle the technical details, boosting ad performance and mutiplying your ROI in days.

Got a Shopify store?

Even faster setup, automatic media & product syncing & much more


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Significantly better ad Performance
& automatic learning

Let AI help setup, monitor, optimize & learn from your ads in near real-time to multiply your advertising R.O.I, by boosting click throughs & dropping your ad costs.

Advertise on millions of sites
from one simple tool

Run promotions on multiple top ad networks in 10s of clicks - 100 times fewer than otherwise. Proprietary tech allows unlocks cross-targeting & micro-targeting insights you can't get elsewhere.

Save time & alot of money

Intelligence & optimization automation saves you 100s of hours and thousands of dollars monthly from the cost of research, labor, tools & spending on tests and bad results.

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client targeting presets that help you sell.

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Show your creativity. Let DNA handle the technical details.

For Brands

High performance digital ads in minutes.


For Agencies

Give clients great results on more platforms fast.

Key features

Import & improve your existing Ads

Import existing ad-campaigns to give DNA a more relevant starting point, from which additional optimizations can be made

Budget management & allocation

Run promotions and re-route your budget to the best performing channels automatically.

Gather Multilocation Intelligence

Get personalized intelligence & learnings for your store locations, partners and areas of interest.

Customizable one-click client targeting

Save customized use-cases for your offering, so customers see it when they have intent across all platforms (e.g. Red Prom Dress, where Prom is the context)

Fast multivariate testing at scale

Perform in-depth creative, demographic, channel or targeting testing to figure out which ads will work best, where, when and why. Also supports A/B and Split testing.

Omnichannel Reports & Micro-targeting Insights

Aggregate performance across channels & discover sales driving insights from all channels, in one view.

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