Digital Ads Made Easy DNA is a powerful yet easy to use multi-channel ad platform, that helps you publish online ad campaigns in minutes. It uses AI to optimize and scale your campaigns for you in real time, to increase your ROI and reach ideal customers, fast.

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Success Stories

6 times more clicks per dollar
Cut time by 90%
Vancouvers Finest Coffee
Click rates improved 36 times
Time cut from hours to minutes
Best Falafel
Dozens of Phone Call Orders
Opening New Locations

Reach Billions of Customers on 13 Top Ad Channels

Set up all your campaigns from one place, in minutes. Plan using our multi-channel Strategy Calendar and publish quickly using 700+ preset audiences.

Multiply Your ROI with AI

Optimize your ad budget with our AI-powered solutions. Boost click rates up to 36 times while cutting cost per click up to 70%.

Save Time and Money, Easily

Save over 90% of time managing your ad campaigns. Bring your creativity, and let us handle the technical details!

Key Features

Automatic Improvement of Existing Ad Targeting
Multi-Channel Budget Management
Multi-Store Ad Personalization
Split Testing At Scale
Multi-Channel Campaign Reports
Deep Insights About Ideal Customers

Experience Powerful, Easy Advertising.