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Run all your ads from one place, and let AI optimize your performance 24/7. Do 4 hours of work in 10 minutes. Make your advertising budget more profitable.

Your Ads Buyer and Data Analyst as a service, for all your ads

Relief for online advertisers from overwhelming workloads. Run new ads, or improve your existing click rates up to 36 times and cut cost per click up to 80%. AI helps you meet your online advertising goals fast. Publish using 700+ preset audiences for retail and services or customize your audience based on keywords, interests, demographics and more.

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Click rates improved 36 times

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Create and publish search, display and shopping ads on the Google advertising network. Use custom audiences, remarket to site visitors or reach a list of your top customers and similar people directly with ads.

Advertise to Facebook audiences. Get profitable interest-based insights quickly when running your new or existing image, video or carousel ads. Drive site visits, engagement, sales or new leads.

Video is the most engaging media format and Youtube is where most videos are watched. Create and run Youtube video ads easily, using new videos or existing videos. Let DNA help you optimize your results.

Create and publish shopping ads on Amazon, and our AI helps you optimize your budget effectiveness 24/7 for all SKUs/Products in all categories. Set it, and forget it, as DNA finds your ideal audiences for you.

Install the DNA app for your shopify store and reuse your images and videos for advertising. Use custom audiences or leverage your sales and traffic and target existing or ideal audiences everywhere.

Reach top business leaders on the #1 business social network. Whether you need site visits, leads, or to spread the word about that new white-paper, DNA makes Linkedin ads, reporting and optimization seamless.

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