How it Works

Setup your account & easily run ads on 12 top ad networks within 10 minutes. breakfree from advertising complexity

Multiply your ROI on top ad channels smarter, faster, better


Import & improve your existing Ads

Import existing ad-campaigns to give DNA a more relevant starting point, from which additional optimizations can be made

Omnichannel Budget management

Run promotions and re-route your budget to the best performing channels automatically.

Multi-intelligence Support

Let A.I. identify your niche for each channel, partner and geography for your business, then deliver the ideal message for them.

One-click targeting

Use our presets, or create your own customized use-cases. Describe customer intent & DNA will find them across platforms.

Multivariate testing at scale

Perform in-depth creative, demographic, channel or target testing to figure out which ads will work best, where, when and why.

Omnichannel reports & Exclusive insights

Unleash high performance across ad channels & discover sales driving insights you can't get elsewhere.

Automatic audience discovery & targeting

Let DNA discover who your ideal clients are, or describe their persona and it will predict where they live & work down to the postal code in Canada & the USA.

Evolving Ad Storylines

Tell a story over multiple days using one narrative flow. Start and keep customers engaged in ad-driven conversations.

Make one-click ad libraries

Make a library of promotions for major events that you can reuse later with One-click.

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400+ preset ad targets.

Presets are great for people new to online advertising.

How much can you
multiply your ROI & ROAS?

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ROI - Return on investment | ROAS - Return on ad spend

Smarter, faster, better for Agencies too

Dramatically improve agency ad performance & profitablity, fast

Powerful customer intelligence from each location & sales channel

Discover & reach your niches automatically, everywhere.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Old adage

In minutes, your ads can be on their way to dramatically better results.

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