Intelligent Turnkey video flyers & Webstores

Reach 10,000s of your perfect local shoppers weekly

Store retailers are too busy to do great online

We have changed that

Going digital is complex!

It takes time, and is expensive - Most retailers get no return on investment online.

Stay top of mind, automatically!

Reach & engage shoppers first, often and on-demand so they come to you to get what they want!

Don't build from scratch - go turnkey!

Get the video content & traffic you need to increase sales & foot-traffic consistently.

Video is much more interesting!

They share 12x more, watch 4x more and buy 2x more than images and text combined.

How it works

Turnkey, precise & personalized

We digitize your store & products with video

Deliver an in-store shopping experience with your catalog in hours, and we maintain it year round.

Reach 10,000s of Perfect Shoppers weekly with shared ads

Our shopper intelligence engine gets you infront of them at home, or at work using shared ads.

Turnkey webstore, logistics & support

Engage shoppers to boost foot-traffic & sales. They'll pick up or We'll do the logistics for you.

Video-flyer Discovery demos

People spend > 5hrs/day online. Give them the in-store experience where-ever they are.

Discovery while browsing the web

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Scroll to the middle of the page to see a demo of an autogenerated ad unit

Discovery after searching on Google

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The first search result is a demo of an automatically created video-flyer ad made by

Pick your reach

I want to reach perfect local shoppers weekly, paid . This will reach 520,000+ perfect local shoppers per year, like a Busy street. Estimated earnings can be $98,000 or more.

Constant Reach

Full year store membership

Get a full-year of cataloging and flyers to increase shopper awareness and drive foot-traffic. Estimated as 500 clicks per week

$527 / month

Paid annually (Save 20%)

Money-back Trial

30 day pilot to get you going

Reach 43,000+ perfect shoppers over 30 days using video flyers, with store cataloging and access to more flyers ondemand. Don't love it by the end? We will refund the trial.



You also get

#Benefits you need - Online retail presence made effortless.

Mobile adaptive Webstore that is always up to date

Omni-channel promotions on-demand, in 1 minute

Reach shoppers before they go anywhere else

Automatic SEO gets you found on Google

Supercharge your website & social media with videos

Engagement boosting video-driven experience

Simple reporting and powerful analysis

Accept credit card payments online

In-store credit on all returns

Flyer templates for every holiday and occasion

Simple same-day pick-up & delivery in the city

Turnkey shipping for non-local orders

Payouts in one week

Video Quality Guaranteed: Don't love a video shoot? We'll redo it

Online sales are subject to a 10% commission. In-store sales are not subject to commission. PPW = perfect shopper clicks per week.

Do you have 2+ stores? We have special packages for you.

Want even more flyers? You can make them on-demand