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Unified advertising automation that drives results fast, thanks to Artificial Intelligence & automation. Ads made in minutes, that give great results & intelligence in days.

Simple, Unified advertising & intelligence automation

Plan your entire digital ads strategy from one interface &
DNA handles the technical details, with great results.

Got a Shopify store?

Even faster setup, automatic media & product syncing & much more


Get more done on more channels, faster

DNA uses artificial intelligence to help setup, monitor, learn from & optimize your ads targeting & intelligence. Just come with your creatives.

Plan your marketing strategy in one place

Get a single view on all your ads and promotions across channels in one easy to use interface. Plan ahead for holidays, events and milestones so you are always ready to go.

Say no to complexity & waste

In 10s of clicks, run ads on more channels faster & get high performance, thanks to our AI & algorithms that work in realtime. It even automatically stops spending on bad content, saving more money.

Go omnichannel & reach all your clients

Our proprietary cross-channel data sharing capabilities help you reuse intelligencee on other ad networks effortlessly. Test channels, content, creatives and client targets in minutes. No single network has more than 25% of your online customers ... try them all easier, faster and get results.

Get customers smarter, faster. Period.

Your team will save lots of time, do more faster and gain high quality ads insights you can't get elsewhere. Boost your ROI and drop ad costs on your ambitious campaigns.

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client targeting presets that help you sell.


Import & improve your existing Ads

Import existing ad-campaigns to give DNA a more relevant starting point, from which additional optimizations can be made

Budget management & allocation

Run promotions and re-route your budget to the best performing channels automatically.

Gather multilocation intelligence

Get personalized intelligence & learnings for your store locations, partners and areas of interest.

Customizable one-click client targeting

Save customized use-cases for your offering, so customers see it when they have intent across all platforms (e.g. Red Prom Dress, where Prom is the context)

Fast multivariate testing at scale

Perform in-depth creative, demographic, channel or targeting testing to figure out which ads will work best, where, when and why. Also supports A/B and Split testing.

Omnichannel reports & unique micro-targeting insights

Aggregate performance across channels & discover sales driving insights from all channels, in one view. Also discover intelligence & insights you can't get elsewhere.

Automatic customer discovery & persona targeting

Let DNA discover who your ideal customers are, or describe their persona and DNA will predict where they live and work geographically, down to the postal code.

Storylines - automatic evolving ad sequences

Tell a story over multiple days using one narrative flow. Start and keep customers engaged in a conversation.

Make custom, one-click ad libraries support

Make a library of promotions for major events that you can reuse later with One-click.

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